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I work in Real Estate. We used to build many internal valuation apps in Excel, then we moved to Python on Komputee.
Michael Hanson
We are hosting our contact formula on Komputee, since we need some additional custom logic.
Monica Wibbs
We do not employ a big IT team, therefore Komputee enables us to bring Python Applications to the web without a hassle. We needed support for the scientific stack, including numpy, scipy and pandas.
Richard Avega
Founder VroomAI

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Embeddable Widgets

Bring your offline python apps to the web

Make your code accessible to non-programmers.

Multiple Runtimes

Write your logic in Python, JavaScript, TypeScript.

Easy Dependency Management

Add modules, libraries and packages with ease. Most common libraries already set up, e.g. numpy, pandas, requests.

Scalable & Durable

Your widget is hosted on the same infrastructure as other giant tech companies like Netflix.

Save time

Stop spending time on design

No Installation needed

Add Dependencies with one click

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